The Shirleys require monitoring at all hours. A minimum of two monitors will work in 6-hour shifts. The Shirleys are not to be let out of sight for any reason, including during sleep and while bathing. Failure to properly monitor Shirleys will be known by THEM and result in fnm,cc
The Shirleys require regular visits from Nurse //]. Monitors must ensure the Shirleys attend their appointments. Monitors must ensure the Shirleys take all prescribed medication.
Shirleys require daily feeding. Shirleys are food-averse, and thus this cannot be left to the Shirleys' own devices. Use of extra butter and oils in food and/or nutritional shakes are necessary to ensure the Shirleys meet proper nutritional needs. If noncompliant, the Shirleys are to be force-fed or fed by tube. The Shirleys are not to weigh less than a BMI of 13. Food consumption by the Shirleys must be written down and verified.
The Shirleys and their habitat must be searched weekly for disallowed items.
. not to be made aware of the world around them, andThe Shirleys are not allowed sharp objects, including and especially knives. Monitors are prohibited from from carrying knives during shifts. The Shirleyssdkjfdfixation on knives and will attempt to steal and hide any in sight.
The Shirleys are not allowed unsupervised Internet access. The res..
Though they/, the Shirleys are not the same. Monitors are encouraged to consult the Shirley Identification Guide to learn each Shirley's likes and dislikes as they appear. Establishing and maintaining rapport with the Shirleys is necessary for
The Shirleys must be informed of the date and time at the beginning of each shift. Due to the range of cognitive ability among the Shirleys, they cannot be expected to know. The Shirleys should not be expected to remember events experienced by other Shirleys. All knowledge offered by the Shirleys is in doubt. All decisions are in doubt. The Shirleys must not have final say.
prevent the Shirleys from entering the hosptial, unless
The Shirleys speak regularly to beings that monitors may or may not perceive. This is normal. Do not disturb the
THEY chose the Shirleys for their power of
. to be taken seriously. Protective suits are to be kept available and accessible. The Shirleys must be taken to daily sessions so that they
. error
If the Shirleys, . . engage emergency protocols IMMEDIATELY.
The Shirleys must not
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